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  1. TAI - When you can stretch out your arms, open wide your heart and embrace whatever the world throws at you while maintaining your center you are TAI, a great person! If desire pulls you or fear pushes you, then you are not moving from a centered state.

  2. CHI - When you stand between heaven and earth, carving out your world with your actions and words, brining your dreams into form then you have achieved CHI, a person who has cultivated thier ENERGY to create what they WILL and assume responsiblity for what they have bruched on the canvas of life with their actions and words. If you wanted to do something or say something that you knew was right but were unable because of the fear of what others would think, do or say then CHI needs to be cultivated so you can live your dreams and follow your heart instead of someone else's!

  3. CHUAN - When you have have cultivated the skills of the g.e.t.i.t concepts and the world Martial Integrative Arts Tai Chi Program and can apply those skills through your action in teaching, performing or serving others wherever your path takes you, then you have achived CHUAN, a skill that resonates through presence and action!

  4. The Integrative Arts Tai Chi Program consists of sash/achivement levels for students and instructor levels or grades for black belts and other fitness professionals wishing to learn and teach/share the benefits of taichi. Emphasis is placed on understanding the art from western health and physics perspectives to full appreciate HOW taichi is such a great form of fitness, metally, emotionally and physically.

    Level One (orange sash) consists of the following dao yin (movments desinged to cultivate pliability and fluidity) and chi gung, (energy work combining b.ody, e.nergy a.nd m.ind or b.e.a.m.) sets that edify or enlighten while you train with intent to be oak/solid or willow/pliable. (more in depth descriptions on video order pages) Also see testimonials!
    -5 organ set
    -5 centering set
    -8 verses of brochade
    -8 essentials of taichi
    -12 daoyin
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