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What Is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of creating harmony and balance within homes and workplaces by applying the natural principles of energy's movement through nature. It originated in China several thousand years ago with the development of a system of numerical formulas that computed the patterns and cycles in nature. The Chinese were then able to use this system to describe the types of Qi, or energy, within the universe and how to avoid the inauspicious energies and harness the positive energies.
All physical locations have energies that can have a profound influence on every area of our lives. Inhabitants can experience various problems when blockages of energy occur within or around a building. Traditional Feng Shui techniques can correct these blockages. This methodology focuses on internal and external form, direction, time, location, and birth times of the occupants. A good consultant works to remove any blockages, thus allowing the energy to move freely throughout, thereby promoting good health, prosperity, and harmony in all relationships.

Pop Feng Shui Is Not True Feng Shui! There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding the concept of Feng Shui. Some people view it as part of Chinese culture, religion, or superstition. Some think of Feng Shui as a type of positive thinking or a form of spirituality. And some believe it to be based on principles of interior design, landscaping, or gardening. Most of these views usually end up commercializing Feng Shui into what is known as "Barnes & Noble Feng Shui" or "Pop Feng Shui".
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